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The life of a swimwear model? Fun, sun, hard work and perfect pics!! From bikinis, one pieces, bodysuits, monokinis, leotards and other variations, our female swimsuit models wear everything! So what do female swimsuit models do for a living? Well let me explain!! In short, They model swimming costumes for your viewing pleasure. Whether you are looking to buy a bathing suit, or just want to look at gorgeous female swimsuit models, you are sure to find both given how many beautiful women are promoting swimwear these days. I feel so lucky to have become a model and I have never looked back on my decision! I am so fortunate to work with other great models and swimwear brands, collaborate with great photographers and travel to some unbelievable locations……. what else could a girl ask for! Here in Australia, we have some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches and landscapes which provide the perfect backdrop for any modelling expedition. This provides female swimsuit models with many options for fun and vibrant photo shoots to show off our much-loved swimwear and modelling skills. I love what I do, and I never ever get bored of modelling all types of swimming attire! There are so many amazing female swimsuit models globally who I admire and I would love to hear if you have any preferences? Women are so beautiful and what better way to show off the curves of a female swimsuit model than in a super tight one piece! Depending on our body shape, some ladies look great in a bikini whilst others are much more suited to one piece swimwear. as for my preference, whether I’m lounging around the pool, going for a swim, or modelling I just love wearing one piece swimwear! A question we get asked a lot is ‘how do female swimsuit models get those perfect looking shots’? Well keep reading to find out how!

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Lots of hard work goes into being a successful female swimsuit model. Firstly, being healthy is a must! This means eating well, exercising regularly and having a nourishing outlook on life and self-care. Female swimsuit models also need plenty of swimwear!  This means working with dedicated brands that supply swimwear in exchange for endorsements and publicity. Depending on the location and conditions, female swimsuit models can model anywhere between 1 to 20 swimsuits per day. That means we need to model with as many brands as possible. My favourite brand names currently are Pengu, Asics, and Realise because they look great and are very comfortable. Then there are shoot plans! I typically sit with my photographer and videographer well in advance of the shoot day to discuss everything from the weather, location, and the types of photos/videos that brands and fans want to see. This is one of my favourite parts of the process because I love organisation. We also prepare for custom sets which are increasingly popular with our fans. Custom sets are when someone buys exclusive rights to photos and videos and has input into what they want or don’t want to see, including what I wear and the location!! Female swimsuit models love custom sets as it allows us to be really personal and creative. I am unbelievably lucky to work with a great team of creatives, who are very innovative and talented. My chosen photographer currently is Elio who has worked with some of the world’s most prominent female swimsuit models. He is currently in Australia and apparently I am his favoured model at the moment too! Then there is bronzing up and makeup which varies greatly depending on the “look and feel” that the model is trying to achieve. I love modelling in the summer months as I can get a natural tan not to mention its far easier to model when it’s nice and warm instead of freezing cold! Makeup is pretty easy after all these years of practice and I normally get that done in around 20 mins! I always get excited before a photo shoot and make sure that I catch plenty of Z’s the night before. Female swimsuit models have to be prepared and well rested for photo shoots as they can be long days! I typically get up nice and early, have breakfast, pack the car with all my things that I have prepared in the lead up to shoot day, do my hair and makeup, then drive to the shoot. It can be hard work however that doesn’t mean female swimsuit models don’t have lots of fun on photo shoots! Let’s dive a little further into the day…

Meet Alexis

Female Swimsuit Model Photoshoot

Photo shoot day is so exciting! So much work goes into capturing the perfect photo that illustrates just how beautiful swimwear looks on a female swimsuit model. On shoot day my photographer usually takes 2 or more cameras, 1 video camera and lots of lights, the list goes on! Female swimsuit models normally carry some makeup and other necessities. On the way to the shoot, I put on my favourite music to get me in the mood! Once I reach the location, we set up and get ready to kick off the day! Female swimsuit models have to feel good to show off their figures so always important to feel good in what is being worn. After touching up my hair and makeup, I always lather up with some body oil before my first set. My routine for each set will vary depending on what I am wearing and where we are shooting. Outdoor shots provide more natural Iight and indoor shots normally need lighting depending on the location and time of day. Female swimsuit models normally have their preferred swimsuits which best suit their body types. We don’t always look good in everything, but we sure do try! It helps that I am busty and curvy which means one piece swimsuits look great on me – at least that’s what I hear! When posing, I try to mix it up with natural looks, fun shots and suggestive poses that show off my body and of course the beloved one piece! Remote locations are perfect for shooting, as we can freely express ourselves in a private setting. Crews, photographers and private locations are expensive, so female swimsuit models can work long hours, especially if the weather isn’t great. It’s terrible if it rains on a shoot day as you either get limited to inside only or you have to wait till it clears in order to take the equipment outside. On shoot day, I typically work between 10-15 hours and by the end of it I am ready for food, wine and bed! Female swimsuit models always look for a good flow and plenty of drive. This means that everything has to feel right, being in sync with the photographer who is a huge part of the day and both being rested and in good spirits. It is so satisfying when we get into a good flow with positive energy and ideas bouncing all over the place. Not surprisingly that’s when we produce our best work! I hope this has given you some insight into what it is like to be a female swimsuit model. Will being a model or photographer be your next profession?

Meet Alexis

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