Meet Alexis

Welcome to my site!
This is the place for all swimsuit enthusiasts. If you are looking for a lycra fix, this is the place for you!
I want you to join my community by commenting on posts, sending in suggestions and asking me questions to make it interactive and fun.
I love adventures, so will be posting them here for you to join in on. All OPS related of course! 😉

A bit about me…
I am an Aussie born swimsuit model who has a passion for one piece swimsuits!
I love being at the beach or by the pool, showing off all the swimsuits in my collection.
I have been modelling for about 16 years now and have loved every second. I have been lucky enough to model for some incredible photographers and designers and look forward to keeping it going!
I love being girly but am a ‘tomboy’ at heart. <3
I think I’m hilarious, just ask me! I’m always looking for ways to give people a laugh and have a good time.

Thank you for joining me here and hope you enjoy your stay!
If you have any questions, queries or concerns – reach out via the ‘contact us’ page so the AF Team can help!

Love always,




  • Hometown
    Sydney, Australia
  • Age
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Height
  • Bust
  • Favourite swimsuits
    Asics, Realise, Speedo

Explore scenes by Alexis

Coming Soon

Morning Stripes – Video 10:15

Live October 18, 2022 - Get ready with me for another day of shooting! Coffee, music, make up and moisturiser! Not to mention the super luxurious bath robe. This one piece swimsuit is a little head turner at the beach and loved wearing it here this day.

Coming Soon

Morning Stripes – 102 Images

Live October 13, 2022 - Nothing better than enjoying coffee in the morning! Join me as I get ready for a day of shooting! This was the first set for the day and fun to show you a little bit of what goes into it. On a long day like this, it's usually LOTS of coffee! haha

Coming Soon

Speedo Splash – Video 10:00

Live October 11, 2022 - Ready to splash around in this Speedo with me? I love the way the water trickles off the lycra. It also shines very nicely under the light! Don't forget to let me know your favourite thing bout this swimsuit.

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