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Welcome to Australia where we live in a land of swimsuit models wearing all sorts of amazing swimwear! From bikinis, one piece swimsuits, bodysuits, monokinis, leotards and other variations, swimsuit models work with a variety of designs for your viewing pleasure!  You might ask “what do swimsuit models do for a living?” Well let us explain!! Swimsuit models model swimwear in a way that advertises beautifully designed swimwear, whilst also promoting our gorgeous and sexy tanned bodies! I can certainly say that this is one of the many reasons I chose this industry. Of course there are so many other benefits to swimwear modelling like working with great swimwear brands, collaborating with great photographers and traveling to great locations. The fact we have some of the world’s best beaches, weather and brands made it an easy decision for me and other Australian models. The love we have for sun, sand, surf and swimwear makes the life of swimsuits models a dream come true. I have always been a huge advocate of ‘love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life’. This alone is why I have pursued this line of work. There are so many amazing talented people globally, that I would love to hear if you have any favourites?! I think women are beautiful and what better way to show off the curves of a swimsuit model than in a super tight one piece! Yes, I must confess that my favourite swimwear attire is a one piece. Whether I’m lounging around the pool, going for a swim, or modelling, I just love being in a one piece! Surely you agree? So, let’s dig a little deeper into the life of swimsuit models shall we and how we get those perfect looking shots!

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Preparation and planning is everything!  I’m guessing that most of you believe that we just wake up, throw on some swimwear and head for the beach, right? That might be the case on our free days, however, there is so much more preparation that goes into a photo shoot! Let me share my experience. Swimsuit models can’t exactly hide so we need to be in pretty good shape. This means eating well, exercising regularly and working towards the type of body that we feel comfortable shooting in. We also need swimsuits otherwise we would be shooting naked! Sometimes we work with dedicated brands that supply their swimwear in exchange for endorsements and promotion. Depending on the photo or video shoot I can model anywhere between 1 to 20 swimsuits per day so can get pretty full on! That means we need to model with as many brands as possible. Shoot plans are essential for a successful day especially if there is a lot to get through. Typically I sit down with my photographer a week before any shoot and we discuss what will work best for the location and what we would like to achieve on the day. We also discuss what our fans would like us to model and whether we have any custom sets. We love custom sets as it allows us to be really personal and creative! I am very spoiled and work with a great team of photographers who take their work seriously. My favourite photographer at the moment is Elio who has worked with some of the world’s most famous swimsuit models. Then there is tanning and makeup. This varies greatly depending on the “look” that we may be trying to achieve. I always get excited before every photo shoot and make sure that I have had plenty of sleep the night before. Like any profession swimsuit models have to be prepared and ready for game day. This means getting up early for makeup, finalising shoot plans and eating! Still, that doesn’t mean swimsuit models don’t have lots of fun on photo shoots! Are you ready to join us??

Meet Alexis

Swimsuit Model Photoshoots

It is photo shoot time!! As the saying goes, lights, camera and action!! So much work goes into capturing the perfect photo that illustrates just how beautiful the costume looks on a swimsuit model.
On shoot day my photographer usually takes 2 cameras, video camera, lots of lights and other equipment. Swimsuit models normally carry some makeup and other essentials. Travelling to a new location is always so exciting and I like to have my favourite music playing while I am getting there. Once on location, we set up and get ready for our first set. Swimsuit models have to feel good to show off their bodies in the days collection of swimwear and everyone has their own little shoot routine. I apply my final touches with makeup and then lather up with some body oil before my first set. I always know when it is going to be a good day! My routine for each set depends on where I am shooting and what I am wearing. Swimsuit models don’t always look good in every piece of swimwear they put on! It helps that I am busty and curvy which means I pull off one piece swimwear really well. When posing I try to mix it up with natural looks and also sexy poses that flaunt my body and the swimsuit. This can sometimes be awkward when we are on popular locations with bystanders!! I love remote locations where I can freely express myself. Crews, photographers and private locations are costly, so swimsuit models usually have to work long hours. On shoot day, I typically work between 12-15 hours. Swimsuit models always look for a good flow on shoot day. This means that everything has to feel right, being in sync with the photographer, and just going for it! I absolutely love those days and that’s when I do my best work. It is so cool when we capture that perfect pic! Well that’s a typical day in the life a swimsuit model – oh well someone has to do it and I feel very lucky that it’s me!!

Meet Alexis

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